Why Buy Aussie Made?

Supporting the Australian economy isn’t the only reason why you should buy Australian-made products. At SOCKS R US, we understand the importance of supporting and celebrating local businesses - we're an Australian owned and manfactured company ourselves, and we stock an extensive range of authentic Australian made Ugg boots and slippers.

There are in fact, many reasons why you should shop local. Here are SOCKS R US' five reasons to buy Australian-made.

    • Our products are made to Australian Standards
      • When it comes to locally manufactured products, Australians have very high standards. Consumers are likely to find Australian-made products are of a much higher quality compared to buying foreign brands. Australian companies will always strive to deliver on the expectations of the country’s high standards. Imported products and materials won’t always meet the Australian regulations and standards – therefore, it isn’t worth compromising safety and quality for a cheaper product. 

        SoxnUggs' products are manufactured and tested to comply with a range of standards.

  • Supporting locals

buy aussie made

    • One of the best things we can do to contribute to the economic development and prosperity in Australia is buying local/Australian-made products. Buying Australian-made supports the economy, Australian businesses and our jobs. There’s no need to seek an overseas company if you have a high-quality Australian business offering you exactly what you need.   

      Did you know: SOCKS R US is an Australian-owned and operated family business in Thomastown, Victoria.

  • Confidence in Quality
    • Due to strict regulations and high standards here in Australia, when you buy Australian-made you know that you are in investing in something that is made to last. Australia has a reputation for manufacturing and producing some of the highest quality products in the world. Australian-made products are manufactured up to the standards and not down to a price.

  • Sustainable Manufacturing Methods
    • Sustainability is a fundamental part of manufacturing in Australia. The manufacturing of Australian-made products has strict environmental protection policies that need to be followed during the production process. Buying local also means a reduction in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions that result from importing products from overseas.
  • Warranties
    • Australian-made products all come with guarantees and warranties that ensure the protection of a consumer. Dealing with overseas companies when it comes to warranties can be difficult, however, when you buy Australian, you’ll get the help and service you need without much trouble.


How do you know if a product is genuinely made in Australia? Look for the registered trademark – Australian Made, Australian Grown. The green and gold kangaroo is Australia’s most trusted and recognised symbol.



Aussie made Uggs

The well-known term “Ugg boots” was first used in Australia. These boots are made from sheepskin leather and have a layer of fleece inside that will keep your feet snug and warm. 


The fleece in your uggs is breathable and effectively absorbs moisture. The sheepskin on your uggs will provide adequate insulation to make you cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather.  


History of Uggs 

Even though ugg boots have become a practical and fashionable piece of footwear, they do have a long history. Back in the 1800s, shepherds would make sheepskin shoes that they tied around their feet to stay warm. 


Later in the 1900s, cobblers (shoemakers) would cobble together proper boots made from sheepskin. These sheepskin boots were in high demand because of their effectiveness at insulating feet. It wasn’t long before pilots even wore sheepskin ugg boots during WWI. 


In Australia’s swinging surf culture of the 1970s, surfers started wearing these sheepskin boots. The surfers would start wearing these boots after they left the cold waters. In 1971, the Australian surfer Shane Stedman trademarked the “ugh-boots.”


Later in 1978, two Australian surfers named Dough Jensen and Brian Smith began marketing the sheepskin boots to California’s surfers with the trademark, “UGG.” But it wasn’t until 1994 that the UGG boots received international recognition. This was because the US team wore UGG boots during the Winter Olympics. 


Not all Uggs are made in Australia 

There’s the widely believed myth that all UGG boots and slippers have been in Australia. Sadly, this is not the case. In reality, more than 90% of the world’s UGG boots are manufactured in countries such as China, the Philippines, and Vietnam. 

But don’t worry, you can still purchase authentic Aussie made UGG boots. They might not be as easy to find as UGG boots made in Asia. 

It would help if you also remembered that UGG is a product (boots and shoes) and not a brand. Being a product means that anyone in Australia and anywhere else, for that matter, can manufacture and sell UGG boots and slippers. They don’t need to be made in Australia to be considered UGGs. 

The term “UGG” has been trademarked in other countries outside of Australia, adding an extra layer of confusion. The American company Deckers Outdoor Corporation has stores all over the globe selling UGG boots. But these UGGS aren’t made in Australia. 

With other Australian companies that sell UGGs that aren’t made locally, it can be challenging to find authentic Aussie made UGGs. So it’s important to know what to look for when purchasing Aussie made UGGs.


How do I know if my UGG boots at home are made in Australia?

If you’re not sure if you’ve bought a genuine pair of UGGs made in Australia, there are ways that you can check. 


You can simply look inside your UGG boots for the white and fabric label that has been sewn into your boots. Typically, the UGG boots’ side seam will hold the label in place. With Australian UGG boots, the label will state, “Made in Australia.” 


If your label says this, you can rest assured that you’ve bought an authentic pair of Aussie made UGG boots. But the label says another country such as the Philippines, China, or Vietnam; then you haven’t purchased Aussie made UGGs. 


If you look inside your boots and don’t see a label, there’s a good chance that your UGGS were not manufactured in Australia. Most Australian shoe manufacturers will often have a label proudly stating that the UGG boots or UGG slippers were made locally. 


In short, Aussie made UGGs.

Today, you can find UGG boots worldwide, from California to China. But not all of these UGG boots and slippers are not genuine Aussie made UGGs. 


Because finding authentic Aussie UGG boots can be tricky, you will need to check the label and make sure that it states, “Made in Australia.” Authentic Aussie UGG boots will be made from genuine sheepskin and fleece for proper insulation.