Do You Wear Socks With Your Uggs?

Do you like to layer your uggs with a pair of socks? Experts say uggs were made to be worn without socks. 

Slipping your bare feet directly into your uggs is the best way to wear them, making them super cosy and also helps prevent odours. 

The natural fibres of ugg boots allow air to circulate, letting the skin breathe and preventing sweating. 

If you wear socks, they will make your feet sweat which makes bacteria grow inside - leading to smelly inner ugg boots. 


Do you like to wear socks with your Ugg boots?

According to experts, genuine Ugg boots made from Australian sheepskin are designed to be worn without socks. 

Wearing your Uggs directly without any socks is the best way to experience the comfort, warmth, and health benefits that Uggs have to offer. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of wearing uggs without socks. 

Benefits of wearing Uggs without socks

Uggs regulate your body temperature


Real Uggs are made of A-grade wool, which is naturally thermostatic. It is made up of soft, hollow fibres that act as a natural insulator and ventilator. These fibres play an important role in stabilizing your body temperature. 

That is why you should avoid wearing socks with your Uggs and allow your skin to be in direct contact with the wool. Uggs will automatically regulate your body temperature, keeping your feet warm during the winter and comfortable during the warmer months. This makes Uggs ideal for all climates.

Wool’s natural ability to maintain your body’s temperature, despite the climate, offers significant health benefits. The overall stabilization of your body temperature promotes stabilization of your blood pressure, which is an important aspect of your general health and wellbeing. 

Uggs provide cushioning and support

The soft, dense fibre of the A-grade wool cushions your feet and provides optimal support. The wool distributes your weight evenly across your pressure points to avoid muscle strain. 

The more you wear your Uggs, the more they will be able to mould to the natural contours of your feet. This creates customized arch support which also maximizes your comfort. 

By wearing socks with your Uggs, you prevent the wool from properly moulding your feet. This reduces the effectiveness of the wool’s weight-distribution ability, resulting in a lack of cushioning and support. 

Uggs are moisture-wicking

Your first thought is probably to wear socks with your Uggs to prevent them from getting a smelly odour, but Uggs were designed to be worn without socks for this very reason. 

Grade-A sheepskin is breathable and allows air to freely circulate. It wicks away moisture and heat, preventing your feet from sweating.

If your feet are always clean before you slip them into your Uggs, they will not smell, despite how often you use them. How is this possible?

The natural fibres within your skin and the breathable and ventilating properties of the wool work together to ensure your feet remain dry and at body temperature both indoors and outdoors. 

Do Uggs smell without socks?


Even though sheepskin is moisture-wicking, your Uggs can still smell when worn without socks. 

If you sweat excessively or you use your Uggs while they are wet, then the chances of you attracting bacteria are highly likely. 

This bacteria and dirt will settle inside the lining of your Uggs, giving off a bad smell. This can be prevented if you take proper care of your Uggs. 

How to avoid smelly Uggs


If you want to prevent your Uggs from smelling, whether or not you use socks, then the tips below will help you. 

  • Do not wear your Uggs while they are still wet.
  • To absorb extra moisture, you can dust talc, baking soda, or cornstarch over the surface of your Uggs. 
  • Spray antiperspirants on your feet before slipping them into your Uggs.
  • Stick to your personal hygiene routine, like regularly using an antibacterial soap to wash your feet.
  • Do not use the same pair of Uggs every day. Keep a spare pair of Uggs to alternate. 
  • On a regular basis, wash and clean your Uggs.
  • Use a UV boot sanitiser to kill off any remaining bacteria. 

How to clean Uggs

The best way to keep your Uggs odour-free is to constantly ensure that they are clean. But how do you clean Uggs without ruining them?

Below are a few tips on how to clean your Uggs without damaging them. 

1. Apply a protective suede spray

Uggs are made of sheepskin suede leather, so a suede spray will definitely do the job. 

All you have to do is place your Uggs in a dry place and put on some goggles. Make sure you spray your boots inside and out with the protective suede spray. 

Your Uggs must be completely dry before using them or putting them away. 

2. Cleaning with soap and water

If your Uggs are looking a bit dull and need that extra shine and stainless appearance, then a suede spray will not suffice. 

You need to mix mild soap into some cold water and use this combination to thoroughly clean your Uggs. Gently apply the mixture throughout your boot using a soft cloth or an old toothbrush.

Once you have brushed your Uggs with soapy water, you need to wash them in clean water. Then allow your Uggs to dry.

3. Invest in a cleaning kit

If you don’t like using soaps and sprays to clean your Uggs, then you may prefer to buy an Ugg care kit. 

The kit has a comprehensive list of essential maintenance items and serves as an all-in-one solution for maintaining and cleaning your Uggs. It comes with clear instructions, making it easy to use.

If you do not mind spending a little extra money, then the Uggs care kit is a great option. 

4. Try the Ugg boot cleaning service

If you'd much rather have someone else clean your Uggs, then try out an Ugg boot cleaning service. 

Ugg offers cleaning and maintenance services which include waterproofing and conditioning boots and restoring them to a brand new condition. 

Are Uggs more durable when worn with socks?

Uggs can last anywhere between five and twenty years but generally last ten years. However, this depends on how well they are cared for. 

During your Uggs' lifespan, you will need to condition and replace the wool lining, zippers, and heels as required. 

Uggs with or without socks will last most people a maximum of ten to fifteen years. 

Final thoughts

By wearing socks with your Uggs, you deprive yourself of indulging in the natural properties and benefits wool has to offer. 

However, wearing socks is a personal preference. If you want to wear socks with your Uggs, we recommend socks made of natural fibres like wool or cotton.