8 Australian Fashion Trends for Winter 2022

 Australian winter fashion


Fashion can be extremely fun, it is a way you can choose to express yourself to the world through your clothes. However, the downside of fashion is trying to keep up with the latest trends. Because of the very fast nature of fashion, what is seen as on trend one day can be outdated the next. Skinny jeans are the perfect example of this, they have been in for the last few years but they are starting to fade out. 

How are you supposed to keep up with fashion trends when they are constantly changing? Well, an easy way to do this is to identify a few fashionable items. Which you can mix with your wardrobe and make your own. 

So what are the key fashion trends that you need to know about in Winter 2022? Luckily, we have got you covered. In this article, we have highlighted some trendy fashion pieces that will be in this winter. 

8 Australian Winter Fashion Trends 2022

Winter fashion bring is usually a little bit chicer than the outfits worn in summer and spring. This may be because winter outfits involve classic items like blazers, boots, and more. Here are a few of the items to look out for if you are trying to elevate your look this winter:

UGG Boots also match quite well with sweatpants or joggers, which you can see in another picture posted on the @soxnuggs. The reason why these shoes may match well with a wide variety of items is that they are the perfect winter shoe. This shoe can transform almost any outfit into a winter look. 


1. Oversized Blazers


Oversized blazers were a standout piece from fashion in the 80s, and like most fashion trends this item has become trendy once again. The oversized blazer has recently made a strong comeback, and it seems like this fashion piece might be around for just a bit longer. 

Oversized blazers usually have shoulder pads and are pretty versatile, this item can be worn with a wide range of pieces and is usually paired with straight-leg trousers, jeans, mini skirts and even short dresses. 

One of the reasons why this piece will be great this winter is because of how it manages to elevate outfits. It makes almost any outfit look chic. 

The colours that will be great to wear this blazer this winter include neutral tones like sand, beige, taupe, grey, black and brown. However, these oversized blazers also look great in blue. Pick one up from In Style Label, they have an extensive range!

2. Coats


A must-have item every winter is a nice warm coat, this can include a trench coat or even a wool coat. These items seem to be continuously in style every winter however, the only things that seem to change are the colours and prints in fashion. However Once Was coats will last for many winters to come.

Wool coats are a great piece for winter because they help keep you warm while keeping your outfit looking chic. This type of coat can be paired with almost any outfit including pants, dresses, and skirts. 

Like most years the colours of wool coats that are currently in fashion this winter are neutral tones like beige, grey, brown, and black. Fashion has mixed it up a little this year and a few bright block colours are also in fashion including royal blue, purple, and green. However, when wearing one of the more stands out colours it is best to keep the rest of the out more neutral.

Trench coats are known as a fashion staple and are always a great piece to add to any outfit. Similarly to wool coats, this item can be worn with dresses, jeans, trousers, and even skirts. However, currently, only neutral trend coats are in fashion so if you are considering purchasing a trench coat a good idea would be to stick to the more neutral tones.


3. Straight Leatherette Pants 


This may seem like a shocking item to have on the list but straight leather pants have made a return on the fashion scene in 2022. These pants can elevate an outfit when paired with the right combinations of clothes. 

What makes these pants stand out is just how they spice up your wardrobe. When it comes to the colours of the straight leather pants that are in fashion this winter this includes black, brown, dark green, and even moss green.

There are different ways that you can style your straight leather pants. These pants can be worn with a button-up linen shirt, a plain white t-shirt, and even a wool jersey. The straight leather pants are often worn with heels rather than flats however, they can be paired with sneakers and boots. Check out St Frocks Leatherette pants.


4. Matching Tracksuits


When styled correctly trackie sets can look super fashionable.

What makes these outfits perfect is firstly just how comfortable they are. Secondly, when it comes to these sets you don’t have to worry about putting a whole outfit together because it is a set. Making it easy to pick a trendy outfit, which can also be elevated by adding a few pieces of jewellery and a handbag. 

Trackies come in a wide range of colours, but there are only a few that will be fashionable this winter. This includes neutral tones like beige, white, sand, grey, and black. Other colours that will also be seen as trendy this winter are baby blue, and moss green.

How cute are these kids sweatsuit sets by Allen Creations. You can grab mum and bubs a matching jumper. 


5. Low Rise Pants


After being incredibly popular in the 90s and then disappearing in the world of fashion, the low rise pants have officially returned. However, while these pants may be back in fashion there are still a lot of people who are sticking to high waisted pants instead. So this is more of a personal preference but these pants are back baby. 

There are different types low rise pants that are looking fab - including jeans, flared pants, trousers, and more. These pants are worn with either a crop or full top depending on the style that you are considering learning towards. The low rise pants are often worn with boots, heels, and sneakers.


6. Bright and Colourful Statement Pieces 


If you are looking for an easy way to make an outfit stand out without having to change too much all you have to do is add a bright and colourful statement piece. These pieces have remained in style for a while and will continue to be viewed as fashionable this winter. 

A few statement pieces that you can add to your outfit to take your outfit to another level includes your bag, shoes, and even a hat that can be used as a statement piece. The colours which are in fashion this season includes blue, yellow, and green.

These bright and colourful statement pieces are usually worn with monochrome outfits so that the pieces can standout. So don’t be afraid to add a little splash of colour to your next outfit and you may just notice what a bit difference a colourful accessory can make. Ms. H Lifestyle are all about the bright statement piece.


7. The knit


A knit is a perfect addition to your wardrobe. The layering power of these garments as well as its sophisticated outlook makes them perfect for a lot of occasions. From casual to formal, every look is possible. 

The jumpers and cardigans bind the entire look together without making the person look overdressed. You can play around with some variety in your sweater drawer such as styles and colors to make your look more interesting. The versatility of a knitwear allows you to use them with almost any wardrobe and pair them with any dress or outfit. The best thing is they are warm.


8. Classic ¾ UGG Boots 


Last but not least - The Classic ¾ UGG Boots. We couldnt have an article about winter fashion trends without including some comfy boots. These are making a strong comeback this winter. It is no secret that the UGG boots are extremely comfortable, cosy, and durable. 

The shoes are made from 100% Australian sheepskin and come in six different colours including Sand, Chestnut, Black, Charcol, Brown, Baby Pink, Aqua and Burgundy. This means that you can get more than one or two pairs to match with different outfits, giving you a fashionable new look while remaining comfortable.  

You may be wondering exactly what will you pair UGG Boots with? Well, this may surprise you but UGG Boots go great with a wide range of items including, maxi skirts and dresses. If you are having trouble imagining this combination, check out this UGG Boots and maxi skirt combination posted on SOCKS R US's Instagram page. 

Our Final Thoughts

What makes fashion so fun is that the rules are always changing and what is considered to be trendy will not stay trendy forever. There are a few staple pieces like coats and UGG Boots that remain fashionable but fashion rotates. If you enjoy following fashion trends and want to look like you have just come out of Vogue then make sure to follow the key Australian fashion trends for winter 2022.